How Does Twitter Affect Movies?

How does Hollywood feel about Twitter? It depends: If people were involved with Universal Films’ Bruno, tweet is likely a dirty word. But if they were involved with Sony Pictures’ District 9, Julie & Julia or The Ugly Truth, they’re all a-Twitter.

Bruno took in $30 million during its opening weekend, but that figure plunged to $12 million during the film’s second week, with “a high volume of negative tweets” playing a part, reported, adding that market-research firm 360i compared Twitter traffic for Bruno during its first weekend at the box office with three other summer films and found that Bruno had the highest percentage of drop-off in second-day box-office grosses (-39%) and negative tweets (21%).

On the other side of the spectrum, according to, Sony created branded Twitter pages for District 9, Julie & Julia and The Ugly Truth, and the films have grossed $113 million, $90 million and $88 million, respectively, to date, with the studio keeping the branded conversation active and updating exclusive content.

A Sony executive told

While Twitter is important as social media, it is a very small sliver of our marketing campaign. I think it is more effective as a gauge of how effectively your materials are working and it allows marketers to take a real-time pulse on consumer attitudes towards your brand or property. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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