How Facebook and Instagram Video Growth Is Benefitting Brands, TV and Sports

Data visualizations provide marketing clues

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We learned on Tuesday that Facebook videos are creating 13.2 times the amount of chatter on the social network year over year, while users are sharing and creating three times the number of videos this year compared to 2015. Our exclusive Facebook Hot Topics series for the month of May underscores this trend.

Chewbacca and Kohl's each show up on the data visualization below, as Candace Payne's video about buying a Chewbacca mask from Kohl's was the buzziest clip in Facebook history. It has been viewed a whopping 157 million times. Kohl's sent her a package of more Chewbacca items, and the video of her enjoying them with her family has been watched 33 million times. 

And the number of TV-based events on the chart below represent Facebook's second-screen prowess that marketers should increasingly take note of. From the antics of Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and ESPN's special documentary on the O.J. Simpson trial of 20 years ago to live sports, it's clear Facebook users—at least those who aren't Twitter-loving journalists or marketers—seem to consider the platform their digital town square. The playoffs for the NBA (Toronto Raptors, Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers) and the NHL (Pittsburgh Penguins) all produced ample buzz. 

Meanwhile, the NBA also killed it on Instagram—where video has also been on the uptick—last month. That development continues a longer trend of pro basketball generally succeeding on the platform, as players such as Russell Westbrook consistently employ it to push their personal brands. 

Produced by Facebook IQ, the Hot Topics data visualizations below measure the subjects that drove disproportionately high volume on each platform last month on Facebook and Instagram. It marks the latest segment in a Facebook-Adweek series that began in September.

Scroll down to have a look at what was hot on both Facebook and Instagram last month. 






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