How Much Is That ‘First Kiss’ Video Really Worth?

Sorry, Mr. President: the winner of this week’s viral video contest is Wren’s “First Kiss”. Here it is, in case you gave up the Internet for Lent:

While The New York Times analysis of the piece does offer a little background (it was sponsored by in an effort to promote smaller brands, the “strangers” were all models and actors wearing Wren products, etc.), the why and the how much are a little trickier…

In the short term, 48 million views obviously brought a lot of attention to a brand that wouldn’t have received it otherwise. Wren’s creative director says she’s seen a “significant bump” in online sales this week, and the song featured in the clip has been downloaded 10,000 times.

But, as with almost everything on the Internet, much of the reaction has been negative, with many users making overwrought complaints about being “fooled” by a video that begins with the phrase “Wren presents” as if models and actors can’t be strangers too…

The buzz will inevitably die down and Wren’s moment in the online spotlight will definitely bring some quick gains in terms of visibility. But backlash is brutal, and plenty of observers will be even more eager to slam the company’s products in the near future if they don’t measure up.

You didn’t think we forget the parodies, did you? Here’s the latest, grossest version via Funny or Die:

And the all-dog one from London agency Mother:

And the branded “first Snog (yogurt)” one:

And the Minecraft one:

And the handjob one:

And the fist bump one from comedy group Modern Primate:

And, finally, the dogs and cats one via Jimmy Fallon:

On second thought, the original was a little pretentious…but that’s fashion for you, right?

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