How Much Juice Are Your Apps Using?

Those who regularly download new apps know they can suck up a lot of data, quickly draining a battery and eating into a monthly data plan.  A new website from the trade organization CTIA – The Wireless Association wants to help app fans erase that frustration before they download a new one. compiles the average data consumption of the 50 most popular free and paid apps on iOS and Android into neat graphics that show a user how that app might affect her data plan. The new website lets the public search for apps by name, operating system or by category, such as lifestyle or news.

All the data is based on an “average user’s typical use of an application,” so it might not exactly match how you use the app, but it provides a nice side-by-side estimate for a number of popular apps. The site isn’t comprehensive yet either. You can find Instagram and Twitter, for example, but not The New York Times or Clumsy Ninja. CTIA said it continues to add more apps and encouraged developers to submit apps for testing so it could include more results.

CTIA compared the new site to the FTC’s EnergyGuide rating that can be found on appliances like refrigerators and air conditioner units.

CTIA CEO Steve Largent said in a statement announcing the new site that he hoped it would provide consumers with a “better user experience.”