How Much To Crack the Top 10 in the App Store?

Can you buy your way into the bestseller charts in the app store?

Trade Mob created an infographic (embedded below, click to enlarge) showing how a paid “boost campaign” can send an app rocketing to the top of the charts. If you have the money to spend on your app, this combination of marketing tools seems to have a powerful impact. Check it out:

When running a boost campaign, it is and always has been necessary to use several boost partners and traffic sources, such as display ads, CPI and CPC or even TV ad campaigns — thus not relying on a single channel for the required traffic and downloads for a boost. Only when you find the right media mix will a boost campaign be the most cost-efficient and successful it can be. Our infographic contains statistics we have collected on typical CPI prices and required downloads for Top 10 App Store rankings in different countries. The data collected is from 72 boost campaigns carried out between August 2012 and March 2013, using a mix of several media partners.