How Nike Is Beating Brands Like Apple and Adidas at Twitter Customer Care

The Swoosh almost always answers

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Rational Interaction, a digital agency based in Seattle, last month released a study that found that 67 percent of Twitter's 310 million daily users utilize the platform for customer service. At the same time, it discovered that nearly 93 percent of brands are not responding sufficiently to such queries. 

We asked Rational Interaction to dig a little deeper for key, brand-specific revelations. Here are a few interesting takeaways from its seven-day study from midsummer. 

Apple, AT&T, Adidas and Sephora lag

During the time that Rational Interaction evaluated, @AppleSupport received almost four-and-a-half times as many service requests than the average brand in the study. Apple responded to only 58 percent of the support requests. That's a lot of queries left on the table.

And other global brands—namely AT&T, Adidas and Sephora—lack localized Twitter accounts. Typically, those brand only respond to about 4 percent of customer service requests worldwide on Twitter, Rational Interaction said. 

Nike is on it—big time

Conversely, The Swoosh responded to 96 percent of all customer service inquiries. Today is actually a good example of Nike's attentiveness, as the brand's new Nike Mags sneakers are causing a lot of curiosity on Twitter. Its social team appears up for the challenge. 

Other intriguing stats

Lastly, below are a few data points that Rational Interaction also rolled out.

  • In the healthcare sector, 80 percent of brands fail to provide any customer care via social.
  • Even technology brands fall short, with 20 percent ignoring social media customer care. 
  • Retailers are better at this, as 60 percent provide customer care from their main brand account.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.