How Singgih Kartono Designed the Multi-Award Winning Magno Radio

Earlier this year, while Shepard Fairey was racking up the design award wins with his now-controversial Obama print, lingering in the background of nearly all of them, notably at the Brit Insurance Design Awards and the Design Museum Awards, was Singgih Kartono, who had created the Magno Radio. Unfortunately, while he picked up audience-favorite wins and made it on to such a wide net of shortlists, we didn’t really know much about the Magno other than it was one of the most attractive things we’d ever laid our eyes on. But as luck would have it, just as it was slipping into the nether regions of our brain, the good people at Core77 found this great piece about Kartono and his process designing the radio. It’s an incredible story, given the amount of effort he poured into the project, spending the last two decades working on getting it just right, largely in attempting to keep its production local and sustainable, despite growing demand. Well worth your time if you remember swooning over it as much as we had back in those chilly days back in February and March.

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