How Social Are the World’s Most Valuable Brands? [Infographic]

The Internet and the real world can be two very different places, but this infographic shows that a brand’s value in one is intimately tied to its performance in the other.

This visualization of the PRINT Index and the Sociagility Top 50 Report ranks brands according to popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network reach, and trust on social media sites. The sites were tracked on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the Web in general.

Technology and media companies had the home court advantage when it came to popularity and reach, with Google, Apple, and Disney taking the top three spots.  But other brands were more successful in different areas, like listening and responding to feedback from customers.  Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like Johnson and Johnson seemed to do this especially well.

The chart also compares the top companies’ valuations (in U.S. dollars) to their social media performance scores. Analysts saw a positive correlation between the two, although it looks uneven on the chart.  The most valuable company on the list also had the highest social media performance score.

The overall winner was Google, with Disney a distant second. Coca Cola is currently beating Pepsi in the social realm, and even Walmart made the list at number twelve. If they could teach their greeters to use Twitter, they’d easily pass up Microsoft at number eleven.

Infographic by Sociagility via Cool Infographics

Image by Cienpies Design via Shutterstock

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