How To Be A Pinterest Pro

Pinterest is the latest social network to really grab the attention of brands and bloggers, and for good reason: it is working. According to ShePosts, a blog for other women bloggers, Pinterest has increased some bloggers’ traffic by 40,000 impressions monthly. Not bad for a social network nobody had heard of six months ago.

So here, according to Mashable, is how to get the most results from the newest social network. There are 13 tips at the original post, so we’ll choose our favorites, and you should click through to the full post if you are interested.

Pick your niche. Curate, curate, curate. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
Sell your stuff. If you sell physical products, adding a $ or £ to the description will cause Pinterest to automatically add a price banner and include the pin in the gifts category.
Keep it updated. Fresh stuff is valued at Pinterest, so adding new content is the best way to get more views.
Use power-search tools. This one is awesome: go to (or any site) to see which pins originated from that site.