How to Dress Appropriately for Casual Fridays

casual FridaysIt’s that time of year again, finally!

If you’ve had an absolutely dreadful winter similar to our neck of the woods in New York City, you’re not alone. We’re ready for spring and summer and in turn, warmer temperatures typically signify wearing more casual clothing at the office.

Some offices may alter policies by changing the dress code to casual Fridays whereas others may change the policy to become casual all of the time. And if your office is already pretty casual, it may not be shocking to receive a human resources reminder to specifically define the code as it becomes more lax (and by that we mean much more lax as pumps morph into flip-flops).

This can become a gray area at times especially when you’re accustomed to being more formal. Sometimes it may actually feel easier to sport a suit than mix and match an outfit. If you’re not exactly a fashionista, human resources executive Gregory Giangrande suggests in The New York Post , “Tell the salesperson what the agenda is, and you’ll have mix-and-match separates that will get you through the season safely.”

In addition to rocking out to stylin’ separates, if you’re relatively new to the summer season in your office, it never hurts to start off by dressing a little bit more conservatively.

Remember during your first day and following days how you probably went the cautious route and dressed a little bit more conservatively? We’re assuming you probably noticed your colleagues’ outfits and dialed down as time went on. Simply rely on observing the policy and take your colleagues’ leads.

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