How To Easily Pull Your Facebook Friends Data Into Your Yahoo Contacts

In a blog post today, Yahoo announced that they are adding yet another feature to their Facebook Connect implementation: populating your contacts’ details pages with information from Facebook. The feature makes it so that with one click, your entire Yahoo contacts database is updated with all your Facebook contacts and all their personal information. This is exactly the kind of easy information flow that a lot of privacy-concerned users worry about, but for those people who just want to centralize their information, the feature is good.

To active the feature, you must first link your Facebook account to Yahoo by completing the “Add to Facebook” section of your Yahoo! profile. Once that is complete, you sign in with Facebook and your Yahoo! contacts automatically get updated with all your Facebook friends’ information. The details are such taht any contact that uses Facebook will now have their public details available from Facebook. You’ll see their Facebook photo and any information they’ve chosen to share publicly – like current location and work history.

If you have someone already as a Yahoo Contact, the value is even more because it amalgamates the information, and you now have one point of reference that includes all their information including their email address. This is a big advantage with Facebook, and interestingly will likely happen with Google mail and other mail services at some point in the future. If you’re interested in the feature, check out the screenshot below and head over to your Yahoo! Mail and check it out!

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