How to Escape Office Politics

This piece in The New York Post caught our eye. We can relate all too well — you’re at one job and view the politics as stifling. After switching to another company, bam! There they are again — more politics. Same stuff, different venue.

Greg Giangrande, human resources executive in the media industry, writes:

“Do not lose faith, my boy. There is a battle to be won. I knight you to carry on. Each of us is less than a drop in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea. But, it seems that some of the drops sparkle. Some of them do sparkle. Run, boy! Run, boy! Run! Oh, run, my boy. (Yeah, that’s right…I do love my musicals, that’s how I roll.)”

Overall, develop a thick skin and “a sense of judgment and awareness — empathy for people and where they are coming from.” So, yeah it doesn’t seem like politics will go away any time soon but you can stay above it all.

He adds, “But you can succeed in business by being a good guy.”

And that’s one to grow on.


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