How To Get Facebook Users To Share: Write About Sex

If you want to get Facebook users to share your articles, here’s a tip: write about sex. That’s the finding of a new report published by Dan Zarella, the “social media scientist”. While not completely surprising, it’s interesting that sex was the most popular word in contrast to all others. It’s also interesting that no two word phrases were included in this individual study, as I’d imagine that would be even more telling.

Dan Zarella’s study comes from a data set of over 12,000 links that were collected among a number of leading online publications. While the methodology can be debated, it seems like an extremely effective sampling technique. That articles about salacious activities are shared more often is not exactly a surprising statistic for those who work in the media, however most readers love to have their suspicions confirmed.

This article itself should be a good test of the findings as it would suggest that more users will share it given that it’s specifically about sex. We all know that sex sells though, so any confirmation of the fact shouldn’t be extremely surprising. If you’re focused on marketing on Facebook, you may want to consider integrating sex more often into your content if you want to maximize the volume of shares.