How To Get Your App Discovered

Just because you have a great app doesn’t mean that people are going to find it. App discovery requires work.

At Mediabistro’s Media App Summit today, digital publishing experts from Disney, Barnes & Noble, Scholastic, Vook and Demibooks, shared with us how they approach app discoverability. Here are some things that we learned:

1. Use Metadata. Key word tagging, categorization good product descriptions and illustrative images will help your app fall into the right place when customers are searching for new apps. Think about how a customer would be searching a store to help come up with the appropriate tags and unique identifiers to lead them to your app.

2. Build Relationships. Get to know your reps at all of the app stores that you are working with, be it Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and so on. These guys can help you curate, merchandize and promote your apps. Think long term about these relationships. If they don’t pick up one particular app to feature, they may pick up another down the road if you continue to foster your relationship.

3. Think Like Direct Marketers. While print publishers are not used to thinking about marketing directly to consumers, digital publishers have an opportunity to connect directly with customers. And this new approach presents opportunity for  through online marketing, social media and even within apps. Use these digital tools to promote your apps.

4. Include Sharable Content. If your customers are given the tools to share content from your app, what better way for it to go viral? Make it fun, and natural to the content at hand so that readers will be encouraged to share.

5.Capture Customer Data & Use It For Personalization: The various app stores can make this a bit difficult, but any way that you can collect details about existing customers is useful. You can use this information to present new apps and to remind existing app users to check out new content in container apps. Personalized digital merchandizing is a great way for customers to discover new apps and content.

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