How To Give Your Friends Free Digital Books as Gifts

Do you want to make your holiday cards and gifts a little extra special this year? Give your friends a QR code link to a free Christmas book through Project Gutenberg.

Simply explore one of our free eBook lists (below) and click on the link for the individual books. Every title has its own code–simply click the “QR Code” tab at the top of the page (pictured). You can print the QR code at home and stick it in a holiday card, photograph or gift.

Your friends can scan the QR code with a smartphone and download the free eBook. They can use QR code readers like Kaywa ReaderZxing ReaderQrafter and Optiscan to download. If you want to share links to other free eBooks, you can use one of these free tools to generate QR codes: KaywaGoQR.meZxing, or QR Stuff.

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