How to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook (Infographic)

Stop focusing on organic reach and find new ways to engage with your fans on Facebook.

Since Facebook made the transition to pay-to-play, reports have shown consistent declines in organic reach for brands. A new infographic from Kissmetrics examines the problems brands are having on Facebook, and offers some possible solutions.

Organic reach is on the decline for two primary reasons. With more than 18 million businesses competing for space Facebook has taken to limiting the number of posts than make it to the News Feed. Secondly, Facebook is a business, and its revenue is largely generated by selling ads to brands for increased reach. This leaves Facebook double dipping and failing engagement.

There are up to 100,000 factors influence whether your posts make it to the newsfeed. Photos and videos receive more interaction, but if your content is reported as spam, your post rating decreases. Similarly, user interaction with ads also plays into the algorithm.

The best way to improve your organic reach, according to the infographic, is to find better metrics to focus on; this strategy is already working for savvy Fortune 500 companies. Posting at non-peak times, engaging in more open conversation with customers and fans, and engaging with fans in other ways such as Q and A sessions are all ways to increase your reach without relying on traditional algorithm gaming methods.

For more information on how user behavior impacts algorithm ranking, and explanations of the three pillars of Facebook’s algorithm view the algorithm below.


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