How to lose $14,980 on Facebook with one click

Be careful with the way you use Facebook’s tools. The minimum age function is great for filtering out teenagers from pages about adult topics like alcohol, but this is something you should decide when you first create your page and then never touch it again. For example, if you raise the minimum age of your page, you instantly wipe out your young fans.


Simply raising the minimum age cost this page 14,000, valued at nearly $14,980 (an average Facebook fan is worth $1.07, although some fans are worth more)Sure, they could buy more likes, but there’s no substitute for strategy.

If you change your minimum age, make sure you want to change it for good, because not only do you prevent new people below the specified age from liking your page, you kick off existing ones too, and changing the minimum age back to normal doesn’t add them back again.

Readers, have you ever gotten yourselves in trouble with a Facebook page feature? Let us know in the comments.

Special thanks to Sean McNulty of BlitzMetrics for assembling the data for this article.

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