How To Self-Publish with Amazon: Video Tutorial

Thinking about self-publishing your book in Amazon’s booming marketplace? The online bookseller has a number of helpful tutorials for independent authors, including Building Your Book for Kindle and Building Your Book for Kindle for Mac.

In the video embedded above, you can watch a tutorial about how to self-publish your book for the Amazon Kindle. You can also read the text from the video at this link. Here’s more from Amazon’s collection of tools for Kindle publishers:

Delivering a high quality, properly formatted book to your readers is important. Books that aren’t properly formatted may impact your sales in the form of negative reviews from readers, and in some cases, be removed from the Kindle Store. There are many file types that can be uploaded and published using KDP; some requiring only minimal formatting. We encourage you to check out the tools and resources which can help in creating and previewing your book prior to publishing.

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