How to Survive the Next 500 Days Until Election Day

Former Fishbowler Patrick Gavin has some advice for the inevitably overhyped, overanalyzed election coverage.

Former Fishbowler Patrick Gavin is at it again.

As the slow march to 2016 reaches 500 days and counting (499 to be exact), Patrick has some tips for the media as they inevitably overhype and overanalyze every last election-related detail over the next year and a half.

The director of the film Nerd Prom, the WHCD documentary released in April, came up with five rules for how reporters can make this election cycle “less painful” — including the elimination of the overused terms “game changer,” “veepstakes,” “pivot,” “based fired up,” “paradigm shift” and “remains to be seen” from the coverage vernacular.

Watch video, courtesy of Patrick Gavin.

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