How to Tactfully Handle Expensive Gifts From Vendors

Just as your office may become overflowing with cards and edible treats from colleagues and vendors this holiday season, what happens when an expensive gift arrives at your door?

Many companies have policies against accepting such gifts and  even if yours doesn’t have a policy, it would be prudent to return the gift.

In today’s New York Post, Gregory Giangrande, chief HR officer at Time, Inc., points out the best thing to do is to return the present.

He writes, “The people with whom you do business should know better, too, but at the risk of offending anyone, you should simply express thanks for the gesture and politely tell your client that you must return the gift as company policy prevents you from accepting anything above a nominal value.”

In fact, Giangrande points out a suggestion we may all feel free to use even if it’s a relative or friend asking what to gift us with this holiday season.

His advice? Making a donation in your name to a good cause. Everyone wins in that situation.

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