How To Target Your Facebook Posts by Location, Age, Gender & More

Do you wish you could write Facebook updates to reach certain people in your Facebook community?

Using relatively new tools, you can target your Facebook posts by gender, relationship status, educational status, interested in, age, location or language of your Facebook friends. We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial outlining those steps below, complete with images.

You can also use these tools to schedule Facebook posts for the future or add posts into your past timeline. We learned about these new tools at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in New York City this week.

How To Target Your Facebook Posts by Location, Age, Gender & More 

1. Write a new status update on your Facebook page. Then click the bullseye icon below your post (see image below).



2. The “Add Targeting” icon will appear, and you can choose from these options: Gender, Relationship Status, Educational status, Interested In, Age, Location or Language (see image embedded below).


3. Once you select your option, you can drill down into that particular target. Facebook will tell you how many people can be targeted in that particular segment. (See location target image embedded below)



4. If you want to schedule a post for a particular time, simply click the clock icon below the status update (see image embedded below).



5. This is what a successful scheduled post looks like: