How to Tell if Your Assignment Editor Hates You…

Sure sign number one – they assign you this story to cover:

Did the First Dog Leave a Number Two on Air Force One?

The group swapped stories over drinks when three people present let loose with a good tale. Bo, the presidential puppy, recently left a present on the presidential jet, they said, and a flight attendant had nearly stepped in it

A White House press official was certain – the scoop on the poop was a crock. The press office checked with the Air Force One flight crew who said Bo had not desecrated the jet.

I can hear it now….

“Eh, yeah, Elizabeth – I am going to need you to check out this story about Bo possibly pooping on Air Force One. Yep and, eh…get two sources to confirm this alleged dog doo. While you’re at it, tell Michaels to call the White House. They’ll want to hear from him about this…”

Nice work, Wall Street Journal.