How to Get Users to Repost Your Facebook Page’s News Feed Posts Through the Share Button

The following is an excerpt of an entry in our Facebook Marketing Bible. The full version contains a walk-through of the Share button and View Shares feature, strategies for encouraging shares using your Page’s info tab, and more examples of the best and worst types of updates to add calls to share to.

Making the posts you publish stand out in the Facebook news feed is crucial to maximizing primary key performance metrics such as brand lift, clicks, impressions, Likes, comments, and reposts. Your updates are competing with highly compelling content published by the friends of your fans, so you need every advantage you can get.

Facebook news feed updates by both users and Pages display a “Share” button that lets users repost that update to their friends. Updates that have been reposted at least once display a count of how many times they’ve been reposted next to a link labeled “View Shares”. This link helps posts stand out in the feed and indicates to your audience that other users thought the update was important and its therefore worth reading, clicking or reposting. Its important for you to solicit Shares of your updates so they receive this distinction.

Here we’ll walk-through how the View Shares link works, and provide strategies for how you can attain Shares and the benefits they bring for your business.

For information on how View Shares works, see our article on the feature’s release. The full version of this Facebook Marketing Bible entry contains a walk-through of the feature written specifically for businesses.

Strategies for Taking Advantage of View Shares

Shares have a two-fold benefit for publishers: they generate additional impressions, and they create a social recommendation for the original update that increases engagement via View Shares. Therefore, the more Shares that publishers can attain the better. As such, you should encourage users to Share your posts.

Though you’ll have to lengthen your updates and avoid annoying your fans, appending calls to Share to some of your news feed updates can be a very effective method of attaining reposts.

Some examples of posts you might want to add a call to Share to include:

  • Posts promoting tab applications on your Page – “Check out the fun new game we’ve installed on our Page and click Share so your friends can play too”
  • Links to buy products from your ecommerce store – “We just launched our new line of purses. Buy them here and click Share to show them off to your friends”
  • Links to something special on your website – “We’re streaming a concert from our offices on our website. Click through to watch and hit Share so your friends can hear this awesome new band”
  • Sales that users will naturally want to share with friends – “Today only: 2 for 1 t-shirts on our website. Click Share and your friends will thank your for their cool new clothes”
  • Giveaways –  “You and your friends can get caffeinated together for free. All you have to do is click Share on this link to get coupons for a free coffee at any of our stores”

Uses there strategies and soon you’ll be getting plenty of Shares on all your posts, and everyone will know thanks to View Shares.

The full version of this article, complete walk-throughs additional strategies, and tips for getting more Shares without annoying your fans can be found in the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s complete guide to marketing and advertising through Facebook.

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