How To Win A Date With Jeremy Shockey On Facebook

Ladies, if you fancy a date with a professional football player, NFL’s New Orleans Saints’ tight end Jeremy Shockey is hosting a contest on his Facebook Page. Videotape yourself telling him why you deserve a date with him, post it, and you could win said date. Perhaps this is the new way to become romantically involved with celebrities?

The tattooed, 6′ 5″, long-haired Shockey currently has over 60K fans on his Facebook Fan Page. If you haven’t guess, this football player is single and using social media to look for love. The comments from female fans in regard to this contest are quite amusing — most of which tend to the “you should date me anyway” category. There are already a few videos from “contestants”, including one of a young woman in a bikini either skiing or snowboarding, and another who seems on the verge of being a football groupie.

Shockey’s yet another celeb who is using social media, though I think this contest approach on Facebok is an interesting way to have fun doing so. If you’re a fan, you can also follow his bare-chestedness on Twitter. Pictured with him in his Facebook profile pic (above) is another Twitter user, rapper/ actor Ice-T, who recently tweeted a fairly offensive response to musician/ singer Aimee Mann’s comment about why anyone would cast him for any TV show (e.g., Law and Order: SVU).

If you want a chance to go on a date with Shockey, note that the contest ends this Sunday, Apr 18th, 8pm EST. Just don’t forget that some UK health experts believe Facebook is a leading cause of syphillis.

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