5 Instagram Food Photographers Who Keep Fans and Brands Hungry for More

Marketers hope they can make consumers hungry for their products from Instagram posts. And it's not just food brands getting in on the action—online services and retailers like Expedia and Target also are infusing tasty treats into their pictures.

Food acts as a great messaging medium because it’s something that everyone participates in daily, and it’s easy to make meals look good, explained Tim Hwang, head of special initiatives for photo hosting service Imgur.

"Instagram has solidified the 'you eat with your eyes first' mantra," added Irene Kim, a popular Instagram user who has posted food pics for Whole Foods in Berkeley.

Niche, a platform that helps brands find social media influencers, pulled five top Instagrammers on its network who have done food-based marketing.

Here's a slice of their delicious-looking pics: