How Your Friends Can Expose Your Facebook Data

Do you want everyone on Facebook to see your status? Your information may already be getting shared via another area deep in privacy settings called “Application and Websites.” Many users aren’t aware that there are privacy settings called “Application and Websites” or even “What your friends can share about you” which dictates what your friends can share about you whether or not they realize it. Depending on which friends ‘like’ and comment on your status others on Facebook or friends of friends may be able to see your information.

If you go under Privacy Settings, then to Applications and Websites there is a setting called “What your friends can share about you.” If you visit this you will see there is a list of fields that may or may not have boxes checked that clearly state was information is being shared through your friends. This can open up your notes, photos, birthdate, religious information exposing various levels of data that you may or may not be aware to adjust.

Of course the best advice is to not have anything put any information in your profile you wouldn’t want easily accessible online. Given the fast changes that seem to be rolling out more frequently some people have even taken to deleting their profiles. Between the risk of hacking, like Blippy’s recent exposure of credit cards via Google and Facebook Mobile Web which is usually unstable maintaining one’s Facebook privacy settings should start to become routine like frequent tune-ups. Imagine your grandma seeing your status about last night’s epic times because your brother or sister ‘liked’ your status. Think hard, then double check what you are comfortable with “What your friends can share about you.”