Howard Stern Asks Megyn Kelly About Hot FNC Women, Salary, Breasts, Ailes’s Penis and More…

Sirius’s Howard Stern and sidekick Robin Quivers grilled the hell out of FNC’s Megyn Kelly (formerly of the Washington D.C. bureau) on his show today.

They hit many, many topics including which women at FNC Kelly thinks are hot, her breasts (her husband calls them “Killer Bees”), she and her husband’s sex life (“we’ve never had a problem in that department”), the size of FNC President Roger Ailes’s penis (she has no idea) and how she got hired.

Kelly stayed cool as a cucumber, no matter how raunchy Stern got.

Stern: You seem to be pretty conservative.
Kelly: I’m conservative on some things and I’m not on others. I love that people make these assumptions on things.

When FNC was in the stages of hiring her, Kelly thought she’d interviewed well and had the job in the bag. But the number 2 man in charge? Not so much. “I went up there for my interview and I thought it went great,” Kelly said. “The other guy, the guy below Roger, he goes, I think it’s a no. …I don’t think we’re interested. So I hang up the phone. Oh my god, I thought, for sure I didn’t get this job. Then he calls me back 10 minutes later. Well, Roger definitely wants you.”

Stern: Roger wants you.

Later Stern probed her on who she thinks is hottest (aside from herself).
Stern: Who’s your go to girl there? Who do you think is the hottest one?
Kelly: I’m a big fan of Julie Banderas. She’s a hot momma. …She’s a saucy vixen.

More importantly, Stern asked, what happens when a woman at FNC gets ugly?

Kelly joked that “they take you down the basement” and kick you out. …There’s nothing illegal about saying you’re ugly, you’re out. …It is different for some of the guys.”

Stern: How many pounds are you allowed to gain?
Robin: Is there a scale at the door?

Onto Kelly’s salary. “I really truly think Ailes is fair,” Kelly said, after Stern guessed $250,000 a year.
Stern: I’d love to know what you earn.
Kelly: I know you would. He’ll [Ailes] sue me if I tell you. I’m literally not allowed to tell you.

Listen for yourself here.

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