Howard Stern Show Regular Chances Upon FNC’s Tucker Carlson Fishing in Central Park

“You’re in public, I can record you.”

This is Howard Stern Show Contributor and videographer Joey Boots’ stock line as he approaches strangers in New York City and videotapes fucks with them. As Gothamist reported over the weekend, this is what happened to FNC “Fox & Friends” Co-Host and Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, who was enjoying quiet time by himself fly fishing for Largemouth Bass in Central Park when Boots approached.

“What is that?” Carlson asked. Boots replied, “It’s called a video camera.” Carlson: “Are you videotaping me?” Boots: “Yeah.” Carlson: “Why?” Boots: “Because you’re in public, I can.”

Asked to comment on the experience, Carlson told FishbowlDC: “If you’re fly fishing in Manhattan, you can’t complain when you run into a videocam-wielding Howard Stern fan. It’s a different vibe from your average Montana trout stream for sure, but basically I enjoyed it.”

Later on in the video Carlson and Boots exchange semi-niceties. Boots wants to know where the fly fisherman grew up. “California,” Carlson says. Later Carlson remarks, “I can tell by your manner that you’re from New York.” Boots: “Get the hell out of here! Is it my accent?” Carlson: “It’s everything about you.”

Carlson had clearly never heard of Boots. Boots hadn’t the foggiest idea who Carlson was. And Gothamist doesn’t appear to know Carlson either…Carlson isn’t the “sans bow-tie” or the “snazzy bow-tie” wearing anything  as he hasn’t worn one in at least six years. Boots, who has a YouTube channel and describes himself as a “media terrorist,” said on his video that he just found it odd that someone was fly fishing in Central Park — he hadn’t seen that before. So he got in Carlson’s breathing space and began peppering him with questions.

During the impromptu “interview,” it’s clear Carlson is trying to mess with him a little. Boots did, after all, destroy any notion that a TV personality could find peace in New York City when not working. Boots asks if Carlson is on Twitter. He says no. Boots asks if Carlson is on Fox News. He says no.

Boots is known for making a spectacle of himself.

A brief Boots timeline:

2007: Boots comes out of the closet as a gay man.

2011: Boots gets summons after he films National Guardsman at Penn Station.

2012: After a heart attack, Boots is hospitalized.

Maybe the funniest part is when Boots asks if Carlson “catches his own flies” and Carlson patiently shows him what “flies” actually are while keeping a straight face.

In the end, Boots (mostly) figures it all out and was somewhat taken with Carlson. “He was really, really nice,” Boots told Gothamist. “I think he became cognizant he was on camera, and he didn’t want to look like a dick.”

For another glimpse of Boots in action watch below.