HOWTO: Find Your Favorite Twitter Users On Google+

If you’re having trouble finding interesting people on Google+, why not look to the network you have already built – namely, your Twitter friends? It’s easy to look up which of your followers and friends are on Twitter, so you can hear more from them than 140 characters allows.

If you haven’t tried out the nifty tool, it’s worth checking out. It is basically a people directory of those on Google+. You can browse by most popular, or search for specific names, locations, professions or other keywords.

While this tool is useful in itself, there is a sub-tool attached that few people are aware of: Twitter2Plus. To access this tool, simply click on the link above or the button in the top right corner of

Once here, all you have to do is enter your Twitter username and you’ll be presented with a list of all of your followers and friends who have signed up for Google+.

You don’t need to authorize this site to access your Twitter account, as it only pulls publicly available data (who is following your and who you are following). So this means that you can also search for followers and friends of other Twitter accounts, if you like.

The list that appears once you’ve entered your username is sorted alphabetically, and includes the profile picture of your friend or follower on Twitter, a link to their profile, and a one-click button to add them to a circle on Google+.

Of course, you can always let someone know that you’re following them on Google+ by giving them a quick tweet shout-out, or by tweeting about the tool itself to help others find their Twitter connections on the newest social network on the block.

This is a great way to expand your Google+ connections while maintaining stronger bonds with particular individuals on Twitter. Enjoy!

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