HP Slate Specs & Price Leaked? Not Interesting Compared to iPad if True

OK, I’m pausing my iPad-centric blogging to talk about a potential iPad competitior. From Engadget:

HP Slate to cost $549, have 1.6GHz Atom Z530, 5 hour battery?

I’ve had a convertable touchscreen netbook (Asus Eee PC T91MT) running Windows 7 Home Premium since late 2009. And, I am not impressed by the Windows 7 touch screen story on it. The virtual keyboard is an after thought since Microsoft is pen-centric (the T91MT has a resistive screen and has a stylus). Touch control is variable in Windows 7 itself and non-existent in third party software since the vast majority of Windows software is desiged for keyboard and mouse use.

So, what is HP going to to do to match a Windows 7 based tablet (slate) against Apple’s iPad? Here’s what they do for $549 ($50 MORE than the low-end WiFi only iPad):

– HP’s Slate has a lower resolution than the iPad (1024×600 vs. 1024×768 pixels)
– HP’s battery life is half of the iPad’s (5 vs. 10 hours)
– HP’s Slate comes with Windows 7 plus HP’s proprietary user interface spin to make it more touch friendly
– HP’s lowest end model costs more that the iPad’s lowest end model
– Windows 7 is not designed to be instant-on/off (really suspend on/off)
+ HP provides more base flash storage (32GB vs. 16GB)
+ HP provides an SD card reader
+ HP provides a USB port
+ HP provides a built-in camera

If this were introduced at $550 in the summer of 2009 or even with Microsoft first introduced the UMPC in 2006, it would have been hailed a revolutionary product at a revolutionary price. Post-iPad? It is an also-ran. I’d be more interested to see this device running Android or even Microsoft’s Windows CE. Both are true mobile device platforms with apps designed for touch.

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