HP Tablet Rumored for Late This Year

File this one under “stuff you might read your eBooks on other than an iPad (assuming you’ve had your fill of E-Ink)”: HP is apparently putting its new purchase–Palm–to work, scheduling a new tablet computer for release as soon as 3Q this year, according to eWeek, which reports on both the above rumor and the fact that HP has also scrapped plans for its own Windows tablet in favor of this Web OS device.

If you’ve ever fiddled with a Palm Pre smartphone, you’ll know Web OS is pretty cool, but if this HP tablet does indeed come out, that will mean there are no fewer than four operating systems motoring the available tablets–iPhone OS, Android, Windows, and now Web OOS–which makes for a lot of incompatible apps, and lots of versions of the Kindle app that Amazon has to churn out. Sounds potentially confusing.