HTC Incredible == Nexus One-Point-Five?

Based on the specs posted by the Boy Genius Report

HTC Incredible specs

The HTC Incredible does look like an incredible Android device. It looks like a nice follow-up to the Nexus One (which I like a lot) and may explain the delay in making the Nexus One available to Verizon customers so far. The HTC Incredible’s 8 megapixel camera, support for Flash Lite give it a bit of a bump over the Nexus One available for T-Mobile and AT&T customers today. One thing I don’t see in the specs is the second microphone that the Nexus One uses for noise cancellation.

A report from Phandroid notes that

[UPDATE] HTC Incredible $199.99 at CostCo! [RUMOR]

The post’s author wonders if this is a mistake though. If not, it could be an indication that the HTC Incredible may be a Nexus One-Point-Five device that gets some retails shelf space.

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