HTC’s Sense Joins the Mobile Crowd On This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by daily active users is led by Mobile. That’s discounting Static FBML, which is an app Facebook uses for internal purposes. Mobile is growing both in terms of monthly active users and DAU, but the trend we’re seeing is a slightly higher DAU as a percentage of MAU — meaning that more existing users are logging into Facebook through Mobile on a daily basis.

As has been the case for weeks, Facebook for iPhone and Facebook for BlackBerry are also both present on the list. But this week also brings a newcomer: HTC Sense, which can be seen at number 19. This is the first mobile app based on the Android operating system that has reached any significant size on Facebook, and thus it is worth watching.

Here’s the rest of the AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Static FBML 8,270,411 +4,301,813 +108.40
2. Mobile 8,143,864 +398,497 +5.14
3. Treasure Isle 7,295,707 +389,914 +5.65
4. Family Feud 889,933 +174,533 +24.40
5. Restaurant City 3,397,295 +172,627 +5.35
6. Family Tree 393,429 +164,873 +72.14
7. Birthday Cards 1,845,499 +146,103 +8.60
8. Status Shuffle 795,717 +125,286 +18.69
9. Facebook for iPhone 16,909,599 +121,669 +0.72
10. Mafia Wars 6,069,181 +117,575 +1.98
11. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 9,830,323 +105,460 +1.08
12. Zoo Paradise 954,585 +93,410 +10.85
13. Sorority Life 846,428 +71,784 +9.27
14. Kingdoms of Camelot 440,623 +65,269 +17.39
15. Lover Of The Day 107,396 +56,977 +113.01
16. Sunshine Ranch 559,333 +52,518 +10.36
17. iHeart 1,459,023 +47,132 +3.34
18. 455,664 +46,703 +11.42
19. HTC Sense 719,578 +46,308 +6.88
20. Causes 1,488,228 +44,317 +3.07

Beneath Mobile is Treasure Isle, which is still gaining a million or more MAU per day, but appears to be flatlining in DAU growth. That’s not really the case; instead, it’s just the graph self-correcting. As always, we’ll cover the games in more depth at Inside Social Games, but for once there are relatively few games in the top 10.

Family Tree, a popular genealogy app, is continuing the recovery it began in early April. Immediately following it is Birthday Cards, which is actually declining long-term. Status Shuffle, on the other hand, is slowly growing, but its presence in the weekly grower list is mostly due to volatility in its DAU numbers; the app is only up by about 30,000 new DAU since the beginning of the month.

There’s little of interest on the rest of the list. The only other non-game app that’s clearly growing is Lover Of The Day, which against the odds of its lackluster design and description — it reads, simply, “who is lover ?” — is succeeding at bringing new users in to be matched on a daily basis to a random friend.