HuffPost Keeps it Klassy

It’s the time of year when publications start dropping their “end-of-year” lists on us like napalm. HuffPost is no different, and over the weekend, they rolled out their retrospective, “The Year in Sideboob.”

HuffPost has taken plenty of grief for this type of thing. They even have a whole section of the website devoted to the art of the sideboob. Of course, it’s a proven success that men like looking at boobies, so their grab at readership is pretty apparent.

It’s not JUST that they did “The Year in Sideboob.” They did a whole slideshow that chronicles EVERY instance of sideboobage in 2012. There are 114 pictures in this slideshow! That’s 228 boobies!

Sure, it’s easy to click on it and check out the jiggly eye candy, but we have 5 reasons to NOT read the sideboob piece.

1. There’s not a single mention of Chris Christie in the entire slideshow.

2. Why look at sideboobs when it’s just as easy to look at the whole boob with a few more clicks?

3. No one got a picture of Arianna Huffington’s sideboobs this year.

4. You’ll be too busy looking at Buzzfeed‘s “88 Best Cat Gifs of 2012.”

5. You’re better than this. Really? Caught-in-the-act of checking out soft-core, fantasy porn is just a little demoralizing, don’t you think?