Huffington Post Union of Bloggers Launches Website

The Huffington Post Union of Bloggers, or HPUB, a non-profit corporation comprised of current and former bloggers and employees of the Huffington Post, has announced the launch of its website,

We learned a little more about HPUB through its facebook page, where it declares “Writers and bloggers of HP, past and present, paid and unpaid, satisfied and outraged, come and join us here.” From its description:

We didnt like HP’s slide to tabloid journalism and we dont approve of the AOL takeover. 9,000 bloggers didnt spend their time and effort building Huffpo’s content so that the website could be taken over by people with a very different agenda.

We took a look at the website, which has some global news-type stories along with manifestos like “We Are a Police State.” The featured article? “Why the Huffington Post ‘Fired’ Me.” It begins, compellingly:

Last Thursday, I was ‘fired’ as a labor blogger from the Huffington Post by executive business editor Peter Goodman for helping a group of union construction workers disrupt a conference of bankers. (I put fired in quotations marks because I, like the majority of people who blog for the site, was not paid for my contributions.)

Unfortunately, the HPUB site, according to its FAQ, is still ” working on a business model to pay contributors.” We wish it the best of luck.

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