HuffPo’s Zaleski to WaPo

Katharine Zaleski will be joining WaPo as Executive Producer and Head of Digital News Products beginning November 16th.

Zaleski was a senior news editor at HuffPo for the last four years. WaPo memo obtained by FishbowlDC after the jump.

We are delighted to announce that Katharine Zaleski will be joining us as Executive Producer and Head, Digital News Products. In her role as Executive Producer, Katharine will be the product innovation lead for our digital businesses, working very closely with the Innovation Editors in the coverage groups and the Web Producers on the UND. Katharine will be responsible for overseeing the overall product roadmap for the site, focusing on improving the user experience, and she will lead site-wide initiatives working closely with the Interactivity and news technology teams. Katharine will also act as a liaison with Sales and other commercial departments. In this new role, Katharine will report to Goli and work closely with Raju on editorial matters. Katharine comes to us from The Huffington Post, where she has worked since it launched in May of 2005. As the Senior News Editor for the Huffington Post’s first four years, she primarily oversaw news programming on the front page. Since June, Katharine has been focusing on developing new verticals for the site, editorial partnerships and developing traffic and site growth strategies. Katharine’s first day will be November 16th.

Marcus Goli Raju