HuffPost Asks Readers to Find Cliches and Mixed Metaphors in Alterman’s Writing

Apologies for our tardiness on this one. There’s probably still a little time to get your thoughts into HuffPost Hill on The Nation’s Eric Alterman’s prose and get that shout-out. The deadline is today.

ALTERCATION – Finding all the cliches and mixed metaphors in this Eric Alterman paragraph is like cutting fish in a barrel with a butter knife. A shout-out in Monday’s HuffPost Hill to the citizen copy editor who can identify all of them, with a bonus point for spotting the factual error:

“And yet even with all its proverbial ducks lined up — a populist crusade is just what the doctor ordered for a divided and dispirited party going into perilous midterm elections — the administration and its lieutenants in Congress are still shooting as many blanks as real bullets at the bad guys. It’s not that their bills are all bullshit, as the Republicans’ clearly are. They contain many worthy measures that would, as almost any fair-minded economist will tell you, provide a proverbial ‘step [or two] in the right direction.’ But somewhere along the line, whether in Obama’s White House, Tim Geithner’s Treasury Department, Barney Frank’s House Banking Committee or Christopher Dodd’s Senate side, a decision was made to let the big fish get away.”

See the story here.

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