HuffPost Introduces the Badge System

Want to unleash your inner hall monitor?

Now you can, with HuffPost Badges.

Here’s how it works: Users attain different HuffPost “Badges” based on what they do on the site. So, a user with a high number of HuffPost Social News connections is awarded a “Networker” badge; a reader who often shares stories to Facebook or Twitter, or is a regular commenter on stories and blog posts, is dubbed a “Superuser”. Here’s the greatest one: the HuffPost user (translate: Internet Jacka– Police) with a solid track record of flagging inappropriate comments receives a “Moderator” badge. Any comments posted by Networkers, Superusers or Moderators are highlighted for maximum visibility.

This part is great, too. Depending on the quality of their engagement, users can earn “higher levels” of each badge and obtain privileges accordingly. For example, a user can receive a Moderator badge for being diligent about flagging abusive comments, with more frequent comment flagging resulting in a “Level 2” Moderator badge which comes with the ability to delete comments directly.

Soldier on, HuffPost readers.

Find out more about the Badge System here.

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