HuffPost, Now With Even More Tweets

HuffPost social media editor Rob Fishman announced a new social media feature in a blog post today. Readers will now be able to “follow” certain topics as well as their favorite bloggers and reporters.

Want a tweet every time Arianna blogs? An email when Sam Stein lands a great scoop? Or an update to your Facebook Wall when the latest news from Japan breaks?

It’s all as simple as the click of a mouse.

All you have to is click the little plus signs that appear next to story tags. Then HuffPost will use the “latest technologies” to send updates to your Facebook and Twitter feeds that pertain to that topic.

You can do the same with the site’s writers by clicking the Twitter and Facebook icons next to their bylines.

So, in case the zillion tweets HuffPost sends out every day aren’t quite enough for you, you can opt into even more updates, now from Arianna Huffington herself.

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