HuffPost, Steven Brill Launch Series on Pharmaceutical Industry

A damning report.

The Huffington Post and Steven Brill are gunning for the pharmaceutical industry. Brill’s 15-part series titled “America’s Most Admired Law Breaker” takes aim at Johnson & Johnson specifically, describing how the company ignored FDA restrictions on its anti-pychotic drug Risperdal.

There are many damning details in Brill’s massive report, but one of the more terrible items is that J&J marketed Risperdal toward the elderly and children, despite studies that showed the drug caused strokes and made young boys develop breasts. J&J even created an ElderCare team for the drug and used Legos and a “back to school” marketing campaign to promote Risperdal to kids.

For the next 15 days, a new chapter of the series will be published on HuffPost Highline, the company’s home for longform pieces. Brill will also conduct a daily podcast that discusses the series.

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