HuffPost’s New Feature Devoted Entirely to what Politico’s Mike Allen Reads

Just in case you’re on Mike Allen overload, get ready for more. Attention around the Politico scribe is exploding this week as the NYT released its 11-page profile on him online. HuffPost has gotten in on the Allen action by creating an Allen feature solely based on Allen and provided by Allen (that’s more than enough Allen’s for one sentence).

The Allen item is within “HuffPost Hill”, the new “evening newspaper”-style feature that comes out daily to e-mail subscribers. While it seems unusual that Allen would provide content to a competing publication, Allen and HuffPost’s Ryan Grim (who edits the feature) are “buds” from working together at Politico when Grim used to work there.

Here’s a sample from Thursday:

WHAT (ELSE) MIKE ALLEN IS READING — Times of London, “Leaders take part in second TV debate” — Liveblogging Britain’s second televised, U.S-style debate ahead of May 6 elections: “Cameron: Look at the bickering here tonight, imagine what it would be like in a hung Parliament … Clegg: you have to be given the chance to sack corrupt politicians. We all agree on the rhetoric but we have to act. … Brown: I’ve been on trains all the time during the campaign, only one plane. (Doesn’t mention that Labour can’t afford a plane.) And I’ve put a solar panel on my roof, not a wind turbine (dig at Cameron).”

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