Huggies Pregnancy Belt for Men Lets Dads Feel Their Babies Kicking

Just in time for Father’s Day, Huggies and Ogilvy & Mather Argentina have made a belt for fathers-to-be that allows them to feel their unborn baby’s movements. The device was created as the focal point of a video greeting card released by the agency in celebration of Dad’s special day.

Here’s how the belt works: One belt is worn by the expectant mom, and contains electronic sensors that detect the baby’s movements in the womb. The signals picked up by mom’s belt are then then wirelessly transmitted to the band strapped around dad’s belly. LED lights and small motor vibrators create visual patterns and short, strong impulses to let the father feel and see the baby move in almost-real time.

Eric Bruner, a spokesman for Kimberly-Clark, parent company of Huggies, told TODAY Moms, “We think it’s a new and different way for dads to experience the emotions of pregnancy and it’s certainly worth highlighting in this special time of year.”

While we think this is a totally awesome concept and were very moved by the sight of men getting teary-eyed with wonder while wearing the belt, we were really bothered by the first line of the commercial, a grudging-sounding “pregnancy was always about her. That’s why at Huggies, we did something special to compensate fathers.”

It makes it sound as if women purposely stole all the glory (and discomfort and pain) of baby-making just so that we could bask in the spotlight. So Huggies, heroically leveling the playing field, decided to offer a way to let pregnancy-hogging women share the joyful and magical part of the experience. But morning sickness, ankle-swelling and labor? We can keep those.

Okay, we’re done ranting now. Just enjoy the ad, because really — aside from a poorly-written opening — it’s quite sweet. And to all those who celebrate, Happy Father’s Day!

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