Hulk Hogan Proves the Bigger the Audience, the Softer the PR Fall

Why was Hogan's image hit with a leg drop when others weren't?

This is America: the land of the free, the home of the brave, and the place where there are more double standards than a Twins convention.

Case in point: Crime. 

If the average citizen of this great country were to commit the crimes we see exposed by the National Enquirer or TMZ, he/she would be tossed in a cell with a cot faster than the crime was committed in the first place.

(Yes, Ray Rice, Caitlin [neé Bruce] Jenner, Ray Lewis, Greg Hardy, R. Kelly, Ray McDonald, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears…we’re talking to you.)

image hulk videoThe latest person to prove this theory is once-beloved wrestler Hulk Hogan.

You know, the Hall-of-Famer with two different wrestling organizations who starred in a viral video along with his neighbor’s ex-wife.

Aside from the show of what taking one’s daily vitamins can do, this tape is famous because of the subsequent lawsuit filed against Gawker, which refused to remove the video upon request. (The suit’s allaged price: $100 million.)

When you have a few zeroes on the line, attorneys tend to take retainers investigations quite seriously–and they recently discovered a very popular racist rant delivered by Mr. Hogan. Since that fateful day, The Hulk has been removed from websites, deleted from video games and banished from the public.

Never mind the fact Hogan’s boss, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, dropped the very same N-bomb on live television…in front of Booker T (!?!?) The WWE says that was “an outlandish and satirical skit” that also happened to be good for business. Sure, Vinnie. If that’s how you want to spin it.

Despite the fact that this problem affected an entire organization, Twitter has directed its ire at Hogan, for the most part.

(NOTE: See below for the moral of this story.)

As for that moral?

Hogan is disgraced and his legacy tarnished; many now treat him as if he never left his job at the local burger stand. The guy is one of very few internationally known stars of a sport most people relate to trailer parks, but that wasn’t enough to withstand this self-inflicted public relations nightmare.

Remember that, unlike many other famous names, Hulk Hogan has not been accused of committing any real crime…only violating universal standards of human decency.

We could compare the scale of Hogan’s offenses to those of others who face far more serious accusations, but that’s apples and oranges, and the conclusion is fairly simple: some scandals just can’t be overcome.