Hulu Giving Users Control Over Their Video Ad Experience

Last week, Hulu announced a slew of new updates and changes that they will be making to their site, including a new player, closed captioning, heat maps and more. However, one of the most exciting and revolutionary changes the site is making is the introduction of Ad Tailor, a new personalization features that gives users control over their online video ad experience.

Ad Tailor, as the name suggests, is a feature that allows users to tailor ads to their particular interests. How does it work? For starters, Ad Tailor gives users the opportunity to provide feedback on each and every video ad. In the upper right corner of each ad you’ll find the question, “Is this ad relevant to you?” Click on “yes” or “no”, and this will help Hulu determine which ads will be shown to you in the future.

Ad Tailor also works to measure and improve ad relevance through surveys. While watching a video on Hulu you may receive a survey in place of an ad. The survey may be single or multi-question and will help Hulu determine which types of ads viewers prefer. Answering survey questions are optional, but if you answer the questions you’ll be rewarded with ad-free viewing.

Hulu summed it up nicely in their blog post by saying, “The more efficiently we can match ads up with users, the more everyone benefits. Users see more relevant ads, and advertisers reach a more targeted and receptive audience.”

It’s a given that most online video viewers don’t love watching ads. Unfortunately, there isn’t much way around them as online video sites have to monetize their content and video ads are the most logical revenue stream. The fact that Hulu is giving it’s users the opportunity to personalize their advertising experience could stand to revolutionize the way we view ads online. Just as video sites employ recommendation engines to recommend videos you may like, Hulu will be providing ads that are more relevant for the users. This is not only great for the viewer, but also for Hulu’s revenue model, as the more relevant ads are, the more likely viewers are to click on them.

What do you think about Ad Tailor? Do you think it will result in a less annoying and more engaging online video ad experience?