Hulu-less iPad More About Anti-Mobile Than Lack of Flash

When the iPhone and, now, the iPad’s lack of Adobe Flash support comes up, the big use case that is often brought up is: You can’t watch TV shows on Hulu with Flash on the iPhone/iPad. The inability to watch Hulu on the large screen iPad has made this issue a bigger deal than it used to be. But, here’s an “old news flash” for the no-Hulu-on-the-iPad crowd, Hulu doesn’t allow viewing on mobile devices, Boxee and the Sony PS3 game console too. It is not a “Flash” issue.

I was reminded of this while updating the Skyfire alternative browser on my Android-based Nexus One this past weekend. Skyfire’s update information noted that Hulu is still blocking viewing. Hulu’s platform blocking goes back a while. You can find more details in this pair of posts from the summer of 2009.

A note about Hulu on Skyfire (Skyfire)

Hulu responds to Boxee / Skyfire / PS3 Ban (Tribble Agency)

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