Human Rights Campaign, The Tea Party, and others among top PTAT gainers for non-profit organization pages

The Human Rights Campaign is this week’s most talked about page for non-profit organization pages with 1.6 million in total PTAT. It was also the top gainer in the category with a weekly growth of 1.4 million new engagements.

We compile this list of top gaining non-profit pages with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    Human Rights Campaign 1,634,358 0 +1,428,448
2    The Tea Party 1,258,016 0 +556,339
3 485,581 -2,974 +393,288
4    Christian Coalition 362,020 +10,633 +347,746
5    The Richard Dawkins Found… 462,219 +46,153 +254,275
6    OccupyMARINES 297,600 +11,437 +236,089
7    Claris Health 234,412 +1,057 +204,141
8    Believe Out Loud 197,975 0 +151,389
9    NO H8 Campaign 158,522 -1,938 +143,633
10    Greenpeace Argentina 241,431 +10,961 +143,304

The Human Rights Campaign page drew over 1.4 million engagements for the week as many users showed their support for marriage equality. The red equal sign image the group proposed went viral as users changed their profile picture to the image over the week. In one post, the page gave directions to users on how to download the image and then add it as their profile picture that drew decent engagement. Facebook does not count image downloads as engagement for PTAT. If Facebook were to include downloads, it can be assumed that the page’s overall engagement was much higher.

No. 2 and No. 9 NO H8 Campaign also saw increases in PTAT by supporting marriage equality during a key week for the cause.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the second most engaged page for the week is The Tea Party. The page focuses on sharing links and images that support the Tea Party’s political ideology, making several posts per day. In comparison to the Human Rights Campaign, the page has actually seen more consistent engagement over a longer time. It maintains 1.2 million in PTAT, but grew by only 556k engagements over the last week.

If either of the pages’ posts were to appear in opposing audience’s News Feed, the posts could be met with negative feedback. It’s worth noting that this might make it more difficult for a post from either page to go viral because Facebook downranks posts that are reported or marked as spam. This impacts both pages virality and future engagement expectations.

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