Humanity Calls Uses Friendly Competition For Climate Change

Charities and non-profits that have moved some or all of their donation requests online have seen mixed success, and those with the most impact usually have a little something extra to offer increasingly social-hungry netizens. The newly launched eBay-sponsored Humanity Calls campaign is using this logic to get people voting for non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental causes – leveraging our competitive nature for a good cause.

The campaign is a Fundraising Tournament for the Environment, and the premise is simple: whichever non-profits get the most votes, win. It’s up to users to vote each day for their favorite non-profit, and the top 30 will receive a portion of the initial $50,000 seeded by eBay, as well as a portion of the funds donated by users.

Simply by logging in and choosing their non-profit of choice, users can cast their daily vote. However, Humanity Calls has upped the ante and added an extra vote per day if users recommend others who also vote, or if they donate money to the fund. While users are competing by backing their chosen non-profit, they are also working together to raise money and awareness for climate change, renewable energy, pollution and other environmental issues.

Non-profits can reach out to their supporters in order to raise awareness about this competition, through their websites, Facebook, Twitter, or other media. Their goal is to get as many people voting each day, as votes will be counted daily from the tournament’s launch on April 28th to June 22, 2010. Ultimately, these non-profits are competing with each other, on the one hand, but, on the other, they are also sharing in raising money for the cause they all support.

This mixing of competition with cooperation is an innovative model that could bode very well for the future of fundraising online. It allows for money to be raised for a good cause, and split amongst the particular organizations which managed to garner the most support. This way, a social, environmental, or human rights problem can be addressed in a concrete way while also appealing to people’s competitive side.

If you’ve got a spare minute or two, why not head over to Humanity Calls and cast your vote? And don’t forget to invite friends for more chances to support the environment.