Hunting for Nico Rosberg’s Helmet

Auto racer Nico Rosberg, a driver for Formula 1’s AT&T Williams team, didn’t lose his head for a viral ad campaign that debuted on ESPN Brasil and YouTube and continued via Twitter, but he did lose his helmet, reported.

Rosberg accumulated 4,700 followers on Twitter looking for his helmet, which he said was equipped with a camera that would film its whereabouts, and Brazilians tracked it for several days until several followed the clues and discovered it in a car bearing the Philips logo.

Abel Reis, president of Sao Paulo-based digital shop Agencia Click, part of Aegis Group, told

The idea was to connect social networks with storytelling, with intense audience participation.

As for the fake Twitter account supposedly created by the helmet, Reis said:

It was talking about the experience of being lost, from the helmet’s perspective. We don’t know who it was. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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