‘Hydroponic Lifestyle’ Magazine ‘Open To’ Paying $1 A Word For Freelancers

Rosebud, the ‘men’s hydroponic lifestyle’ magazine that launched last year, posted an ad on LinkedIn saying it was seeking freelance journalists.

We had to check this out, because we found the concept so alien. Their base pay starts at 50 cents a word for print, which in this economy isn’t anything to sneeze at; associate publisher Alex Leon said that the mag would be “open to” paying $1 a word for the right writer or the right story. For a relatively new magazine, that alone is worth a double-take, but the magazine is real.

If you can write about pop culture, sports, technology, travel, and/or men’s fashion & accessories, check out the ad. Just be aware that though the magazine never mentions the “m” word, the title certainly doesn’t refer to tomatoes.

Want to get a feel for the rag? Here’s a profile the Bay Citizen did last year.