‘I Have To Confess Something: I Get Dressed Every Day’

Unemployed person “Sarah” on tumblr wrote a few days ago about the “unemployed hobo lifestyle:”

I have to confess something: I actually get dressed every day.

Like, fully clothed. In actual outfits. I KNOW, I KNOW. But it gets even worse. Today I got dressed BEFORE NOON.

I’m sorry. But just know that I fully intend to watch some horrible television to make up for this.

I’m so sorry.

She also wrote a few days prior to that about how being relaxed (i.e. getting to sleep in) kinda sucks the funny out of you:

I feel like I had so much more to say when I was filled with anger and bitterness. Happiness does not fuel my comedic fire. See, before I could just be like, “HEY THIS JOB IS SUCKING MY WILL TO LIVE LOL” and it was totally hilarious. But now, what do I have? “I AM VERY RELAXED AND I SLEEP WELL LOL”

photo: Hermés

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